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Puppy and Kitten Center

Congratulations on your new family member!! We at Lake Road Animal Hospital want to make sure that you are a well informed member of your pet’s healthcare team. That is why we have compiled a puppy and kitten library right here that you will always have access to! We hope that you find it helpful as you navigate the many exciting times of parenthood.

This page is not just for new puppies and kittens – planning on adopting a new furry family member? Have questions about a friend or family member’s new addition? Keep up to date on all of the latest information on life stages and great information for even the older animals, such as crate training! It is never too late to start!

Included in the online Kitten Kit:

Online resource for cats/kittens:

Included in the online Puppy Kit:

Online resources for the new or old dog owner!


Need information that you do not see on this list? Please do not hesitate to call! We have many brochures on the different vaccinations available at our facility, along with intestinal worms and monthly prevention.